Closing song of the 8th IPA Assembly

We advocate on issues such as education, health and violence.

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We respond to the cry of the earth, to protect people and planet.

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We support communities with culturally appropriate engagement.

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Welcome to the IPA website

Group of people

We are the International Presentation Association (IPA), an association of Catholic religious congregations of Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, of Presentation People and of friends and associates. 


Together, we work for personal and systemic change for People and Earth.

We are inspired by Venerable Nano Nagle, who founded our congregation and who saw that justice flowed from spirituality.

  • Our Vision is a world in which the oneness and sacredness of all life is honoured
  • Our Mission is to speak and act in partnership with others for global justice from a contemplative stance in a spirit of oneness with the whole of creation (Seventh Assembly, 2017)
  • Our Goal is to honour and advance the rights of Women and Children, Indigenous and Tribal People and the Earth.

 Our mission is to speak and act in partnership with others for global justice from a contemplative stance in a spirit of oneness with the whole of creation.” – Mission Statement from the 2017 IPA Assembly.

8th IPA Assembly

View of St Johns Newfoundand and Labrador

The 8th IPA Assembly was held in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, and concluded on 24 June 2023.

We posted daily updates on the 8th Assembly page. Within each update, you will find links to lots more documents, social media updates and videos. 

We were delighted by the feedback both from those who participated in the Assembly and from those who followed the proceedings online. By 30 June, our Assembly videos had already clocked up over 2,500 views!

We also have a gallery of images from the 8th IPA Assembly and a number of videos you can view, to get a real sense of the week’s activities and discussions. 

Watch 'The Letter: A message for our Earth'

This eagerly-awaited film brings four voices to Rome to bear witness to Pope Francis about the affects of climate injustice: a young person from India, a climate refugee from Senegal, an indigenous leader from the Amazon and marine biologist couple from Hawaii. Beautifully filmed, with a quiet honesty that will touch your heart, this is a film about a special letter which the Pope wrote to each and every one of us: Laudato Si’.

Our Library of Resources

Search, read and download justice resources from our extensive online library.

IPA News & Events

Presentation Day 2023

Every year, we mark Nano Nagle Day, also known as Presentation Day, on 21 November with prayer and celebration. The theme of this year’s beautiful novena is ‘Holy Mystery, Holy Presence, Heart...

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International events

"If I could be of any service … in any part of the globe, I would willingly do all in my power. "
- Nano Nagle, 17 July 1769

Where we work

The International Presentation Association was born in 1988, as a new form of global consciousness, so that Nano Nagle’s global legacy can live on today.

We deliver the global advocacy mission of the Presentation Sisters and Presentation People today. Because we are an association of over 1,500 religious sisters and Presentation People, we have a presence in over 20 countries. Click on the map to learn more.

United Nations

The International Presentation Association (IPA) was accredited with the United Nation’s Department of Public Information (DPI) in 1997 and we received consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) in 2000.


ECOSOC gives rights to non-governmental organisations (NGOs) like the IPA, so that we can both observe and contribute to its work.

We use this consultative status to influence policies at the United Nations, on behalf of people and Earth made poor. Together with other likeminded NGOs and religious organisations, such as Edmund Rice International, we advocate for systemic justice at the UN.


We are represented at the UN by Dr Despoina Afroditi Milaki. She is based in New York and works on our priority issues. She is involved in five NGO Committees and working groups: the NGO Committees on Stop Trafficking in Persons, Status of Women, Social Development, Migration, and the Working Group on Girls. 


Click on the images in the boxes below to visit the UN working group sites, or click the button below to learn more about our work at the UN.