8th IPA Assembly Videos

The 8th IPA Assembly was held in St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, from 18-24 June 2023

This page features some of the many videos which were filmed at the gathering.


Click on the videos below to view. No password required.

8th IPA Assembly Videos

The opening ceremony of the 8th IPA Assembly was live streamed for those who could not attend in person.

During this special Mass of welcome in the Basilica of St John the Baptist, there was a short procession representing the countries present.

Dr Jessie Roberts provided four inputs into the 8th Assembly. This, the second, speaks of the need for us to be midwives to a new future.

Learn more about the priority action of the IPA, why we have an advocacy focus, and how we deliver on this at the UN.

The full presentation of Joyce Meyer, PBVM, as she explores the Four Hungers of the world today, and how we can address them.

Hear insights from Joyce Meyer, PBVM, as she reflects on her experience of Assembly, and the 8th IPA Assembly in particular.

This short, spontaneous reflection from Pauline Alskevicz, captures a sense of the deep engagement that many participants expressed.

Elizabeth and Imelda from Papua New Guinea speak about the highlights of their experiences at the 8th IPA Assembly.

Dr Jessie Rogers shares a personal reflection reflects on her time at the 8th IPA Assembly, and how scripture can help us to see where God is leading us.

Dr Despoina Afroditi Milaki, IPA NGO Representative at the UN in New York, outlines why bringing learnings from  the grassroots to the UN is so important.

Although it was sad to see the Assembly come to an end, we celebrated our time together in community through song and dance.

In this beautifully choreographed dance to ‘Take Down Your Lantern’ by Lillie Pushpam Francis, PBVM, we mark the ending of our time together.

Additional videos from the 8th IPA Assembly

The videos on this page are available for all to view. There were additional recordings at the Assembly for those who were unable to attend. Click the button below to download a full list of videos. The list is password protected but you can obtain the password from the IPA secretariat at adminipa@pbvm.org.

This Mass of welcome by the Parish of St John’s for the 8th IPA Assembly was celebrated in the Basilica of St John the Baptist, and livestreamed. This is a full recording of the Mass.