The structure of the IPA is a governing model. Those carrying out functions within the structure have roles and responsibilities and are accountable upwards.


We decide the strategic direction of the IPA at each International Assembly. The 7th Assembly in 2017 selected the elimination of violence against women and children as its UN Advocacy Priority. Our next assembly takes place in Canada in 2023.

IPA Governance Structure

IPA Trustees

The IPA Trustees are the Congregation and Unit Leaders of the North American Conference, Society of Australia, and Union of Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, shown here.


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IPA Board

The Board of the corporation is comprised of three Directors: 

 A representative selected by the North American Conference of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a representative selected by the Society of the Australian Congregations of the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and a representative selected by the Union of the Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.


The current directors are Sr Gabrielle Morgan (President) Sr Sharon Fagan (Treasurer) and Sr Joy Peterson (Secretary). 

IPA Board: [L-R] Joy Peterson PBVM, Gabrielle Morgan PBVM, Sharon Fagan PBVM, with Ann Marie Quinn PBVM
IPA Executive Director, Ann Marie Quinn PBVM

IPA Executive Director

Sr Ann Marie Quinn is a member of the Board and carries out the daily business of the corporation.


She carries out the decisions of the Board on public policy matters and represents the IPA to public agencies.


"We are Presentation People who share the charism of Nano Nagle. We reach out in faith, in a spirit of hospitality, compassion and simplicity to all of creation. The cry of Earth and people made poor calls us to continue the mission of Jesus to bring forth a sustainable society founded on respect for Earth, universal human rights, economic justice and a culture of peace."

- 7th IPA Assembly

The International Presentation Association is the global advocacy mission of the Presentation Sisters and Presentation People today. We are a network of over 1,500 religious sisters and Presentation People in over 20 countries.

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