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Girls using computers in Afghanistan

UN International Day of Education

Nano Nagle faced many challenges in her work to provide education to girls in even the poorest neighbourhoods. She knew that the key to lifting communities out of poverty was...

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People on a Zoom call

Gender Justice Publication Launch

On January 17, 2023, the International Presentation Association officially launched the second research publication titled ‘Policies for Gender Justice: Practices in Addressing Domestic Violence and Gender Stereotypes‘. The first IPA...

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Screengrab of Tweet surrounded by biodiversity

COP 15, Montreal, 2022

The United Nations Biodiversity Conference ran from 7-19 December 2022. The outcomes of COP 15 look to be very positive, and there has been much discussion about it on social...

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Four people, a poem and a Christmas candle

Happy Christmas from the IPA

We in the IPA Core Team would like to wish you and yours all the very best for Christmas. We were inspired by this beautiful short poem by M. Raphael...

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The Kino Border Initiative

The International Presentation Association supports and encourages its global membership as they respond to injustices and build bridges across challenging divides. At the U.S. – Mexico border, a wall stands...

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COP 15, Montreal, 2022

The United Nations Biodiversity Conference will run from 7-19 December 2022. “In delivering on biodiversity, we deliver on climate, on pollution, on the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, and on...

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Presentation Day 2022

We celebrate Presentation Day every year on 21 November. “We too are invited to follow in Nano’s footsteps and fan into flame the gift of God in our own lives...

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