Pope Francis calls for an end to violence against women

The International Presentation Association welcomes the 2022 New Year’s message from His Holiness Pope Francis which called for the elimination of violence against women.

“How much violence is directed against women?” he asked, during his homily on 1 January in St Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican. “Enough! To hurt a woman is to insult God who, from a woman, took on our humanity.”

He went on to explain that women have the ability “to look at the world not to exploit it, but so that it can have life.”

“Women can combine dreams and aspirations with concrete reality,” he continued. “Without drifting into abstraction and sterile pragmatism.”

We are heartened to hear this message as the year begins, because it confirms for us the absolute necessity of our priority advocacy work on this very issue at the United Nations. Visit our UN page to read the latest updates from our representative in New York, Dr Despoina Afroditi Milaki.

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