International Day of Education 2022

This 24 January 2022, the International Presentation Association will be reflecting on the fourth International Day of Education under the theme of “Changing Course, Transforming Education”.

The world has changed so much since Venerable Nano Nagle established her schools in Ireland. Although education has been transformed by technology, self-learning and digital tools, it is no replacement for the value of face to face learning with chalk and pencils.

This transformation requires us to balance our relationships between the real and the virtual, and ensure that those students most in need are not left behind by the ‘technology gap’. This is the gap where the cost of technology, and access to the internet, becomes a barrier to learning and where there is a risk that some students will be left behind.

We endeavour to create an accessible learning experience for girls and boys, so that they can reach their potential in life. This year’s International Day of Education on 24 January will help us all to focus on the fundamental right to education, supporting teachers, students and caregivers in this most important work.

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