Gender Justice Publication Launch

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On January 17, 2023, the International Presentation Association officially launched the second research publication titled ‘Policies for Gender Justice: Practices in Addressing Domestic Violence and Gender Stereotypes‘.

The first IPA research ‘Making Uncomfortable Conversations Comfortable: Gender Stereotypes and Domestic Violence in India, United States and Zimbabwe’ was launched in April 2022. That publication placed a particular interest in providing a voice to women experiencing gender stereotypes and domestic violence – presenting not only their experiences, but also their needs going forward, as reflective of their culture and society.

The current, second, IPA publication places a focus on policy responses addressing domestic violence and gender stereotypes by the governments and NGOs in India, United States and Zimbabwe. Our research explores synergies and collaboration between governments and civil society organisations before and during COVID-19 aiming to address the issues at stake. It is most essential to identify existing or potential partnerships between governments and NGOs.

Achieving coherence from the two sides constitutes the only viable path to increase the effectiveness of their policies towards addressing gender stereotypes and domestic violence and ensuring that the individuals in need are not left behind.

The research publication is available to download here or by clicking the cover image, above.

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