8th IPA Assembly
18–24 June 2023, Canada

Updates from the Assembly

“Listen! God of the Universe beckons… “

~ 8th IPA Assembly theme

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8th Assembly Planning Team

Work began on planning the 8th Assembly some time ago, but the Covid 19 pandemic meant that we had to postpone it until 2023. Our team (below) is now busy planning and preparing for the Assembly. We will update this page as more information becomes available.

Sr Joy Peterson (IPA Director) Sr Anne Lane, Judith King (facilitators) Srs Sharon Fagan and Gabriel Moran (IPA Directors)
Sr Ann Marie Quinn (IPA Executive Director)
8th IPA Assembly - Facilitators and Executive Director

As IPA continues towards the 8th Assembly in 2023, our Justice Contacts around the world are continuing to link to the people on the ground who are responding to the priority action areas set forth at the 7th Assembly in 2017.

Signposts against the sunset
New and renewed commitments are beckoning us as we look towards the future.