7th IPA Assembly
Sydney, Australia, 2017

About the 7th IPA Assembly

The IPA Assembly is a periodical gathering of members of the International Presentation Association.  The last Assembly took place in Sydney, Australia, in 2017 and the next, the eighth, will be held in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, from 18th to 23rd June 2023.

These Assemblies provide a forum for IPA Members and Presentation People around the world to foster unity and enable collaboration to further the mission of the IPA.

“We are Presentation People who share the charism of Nano Nagle. We reach out in faith, in a spirit of hospitality, compassion and simplicity to all of creation. The cry of Earth and people made poor calls us to continue the mission of Jesus to bring forth a sustainable society founded on respect for Earth, universal human rights, economic justice and a culture of peace.” ~ 7th IPA Assembly, 2017

The 7th assembly commitments

A series of commitments was made and agreed upon at the 7th IPA Assembly, arising from our call to action: “We are impelled to take action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and attain Human Rights for all. Our historical roots in education enable us to work towards bringing about transformative change. Nano’s work was an act of justice in the face of injustice and exclusion.

“Our mission is to speak and act in partnership with others for global justice from a contemplative stance in a spirit of oneness with the whole of creation.” ~ Mission Statement from the 7th IPA Assembly, 2017

Click the image to download the Seventh Assembly Commitments
The IPA supports the Sustainable Development Goals

We commit to:

  1. Respond to the cry of Earth and to people made poor by embracing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a human rights framework, addressing the issues of women and children, care of Earth and indigenous peoples, as is relevant to our local regions.
  2. Establish an interim task group to determine the appropriate organisational structure for IPA to achieve its mission.
  3. Establish an interim advisory group consisting of the three IPA directors and others with expertise in global work, human rights, development and advocacy that will put into place a new organisational structure for IPA.
  4. Review all IPA roles descriptions.
  5. Develop a strategic plan for IPA.
  6. Review the criteria for representation at IPA assemblies.
  7. Continue to use current capital from the IPA fund and welcome any extra donations as we identify other sources of fundraising.
  8. Continue to have an IPA assembly every five years.
  9. Continue to include the IPA justice contacts as part of the IPA assembly.
  10. Continue to work toward collaboration and partnership building.

How we will do this:

“We Presentation People embody the compassion of Jesus and Nano. We practise non-violence of mind and heart as we listen into the chaos and feel the pain of our time. We find strength in connectedness trusting that our feet know the way and our hearts carry the light.” ~ 7th IPA Assembly

The 8th IPA Assembly will be held in St. Johns, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada, from 18 – 23 June 2023.


COVID-19 has impacted on our work, but it has also served to enable our Justice Contacts to gather virtually. In June 2021, we held an inspirational webinar with over 130 Presentation People from 15 countries. There, we shared our learnings and stories, and planned our actions to strengthen our work and face the future together.