The 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference

The COP – or Conference of Parties – has met 26 times to tackle the challenge of global climate change. COP 26 took place in Glasgow in 2022, and COP 27 will take place in Egypt, from 6-18 November 2022, when it assumes Presidency of the COP.

One of the IPA pillars is our commitment in relation to care of the earth. We appreciate the importance of multilateral events like this as a way to take collective action, from government representatives to NGOs, to address the issues facing us all.

“From Stockholm, Rio, Bali, Kyoto, Durban, Paris, Katowice, Glasgow to Sharm El-Sheikh”-

Science from sources such as IPCC has given us the information and evidence we need to make conscious choices to transform our world and bring us back from the brink of ecological disaster. But we need to act now.

It is worth repeating here what we say on our Care of the Earth page:

“In all countries with an IPA presence those at work live the Laudato Si message raising local and international awareness of how the SDGs are lived out in our collective care for creation. Our Presentation work so often demands that we accompany those who are left furthest behind. In our care for creation we involve those affected most and affected first by the worst effects of climate change and enduring poverty during this declared climate and biodiversity emergency. 

“We honour and advance the rights of the earth in our work to spread the message of the IPCC reports on climate change. We translate the macro message into micro actions that are examples of carbon capture that mitigate and slow climate change. Presentation examples can be seen in our bog restoration and conservation in Lixnaw Co. Kerry  or in the work of Erin Earth in Wagga Wagga Australia where an intergenerational approach welcomes involves all age groups and all communities in demonstrating sustainable living in local communities. To reduce our carbon footprint is our commitment to walk lightly on the earth and to think and act proactively in this regard is to ensure that the ability of future generations to live sustainably is not compromised.”


The final programme and agenda for COP27 is still in the process of being finalised at the time of writing so please visit the COP27 website for the latest information as it becomes available.